Quarantine Activity - Pencil Cups by Pencil Guy

Hello, Pencil Guys:

This is Brian here to share with you a family craft activity we had fun with during our  quarantine: making a pencil cup! This is a great opportunity to give new life to something you might have just thrown in the recycling– all it needs to do is be able to hold some pencils. 

We  ended up choosing different kinds of containers and decorating methods, which shows that there are plenty of ways to do this– no wrong answers in pencil cup crafting!

Take a look at this cup:

My family decided to use  a can of diced tomatoes, soon to be a can of pencils! First, they drew a cool little pattern on paper, cut it out, and then they wrapped decorated paper around the can, using tape to stick it down... et voilà! 

send you your ideas to safe...

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